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The Office Dead Pool's Rules

OK. OK. OK. Here's the skinny.

You think you know of someone in the office that is about to get the boot,
or has been handing out his/her resume, or maybe just acting a little
too suspicious? Before you help them pack up their stuff, nominate them for
the office dead pool.

Rule 1: The person in your office with the most points is dubbed 
"The Gossip King". Is this a good thing? You decide.

Rule 2: You get points by nominating someone from your office that you
think might leave or get fired. But to make things more exciting you must
also supply a date for the day you expect the victim to walk or get fired.

Rule 3: Points are calculated as follows: If you guess the EXACT
date that the victim leaves the company, you will be awarded 50 points.
We will also give you a window of 30 days before and 30 days after.
Each day is worth 1 2/3 points. The closer you get to the exact date,
the more points you get. The farther away you get from the exact date
the fewer points you get.

EX 1: If the guessed date was 10/25/00 and the actual date of departure
was 10/15/00. Difference in days is 10 subtract that from 30 which is
20 and multiply that by 1 2/3 and you get 33 1/3 points.

EX 2: Using the same date of 10/25/00 but now change the departure
date to 11/22/00. Difference in days is 28, subtract that from 30. That
gives us 2, multiply that by 1 2/3 and you now get 3 1/3 points.

Rule 4: There are date restrictions. You can only choose a date that
is at least one week in the future. This is to prevent someone from
getting maximum points by making a guess 1 day in advance.

Rule 5: In order to verify that someone has indeed left the company,
a majority (greater than 50%) of the participants for that company
need to agree on the exact date. You indicate to us that someone has left
and we will take care of the rest.

Rule 6: Play fair. Don't get pissed off if you see your name on the
list, get even. :)

Rule 7: If it is not covered by this point see Rule 6.

The Office Dead Pool is a registered trademark.
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